Fashion Awards Australia relies solely on sponsorship and other partnerships to maintain and continually improve the award’s quality and content. It is dependent on contributions - financial and in-kind from corporate and financial companies and local businesses.

Sponsorship will provide YOUR COMPANY with the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to the awards, the community and all students in Secondary and TAFE Colleges.

YOUR COMPANY will benefit from the positive association and goodwill generated with your involvement in these educational, prestigious, and high profile awards.

The Fashion Awards creates an exceptional opportunity for YOUR COMPANY to benefit from:

  • Creating a positive corporate image with exposure extending from local right through to international communities, industries and educational institutions.

  • Association with an event that has a tradition of creating fashion opportunities for all.

  • Access to a highly influential and major target market.

  • Enhanced brand recognition and commitment.

  • Extensive media and local radio publicity.

The Awards are growing in size and prestige every year.  We would like to invite you to contact us to discuss our range of Corporate Sponsorship Packages available for purchase including our major Naming Rights package (by negotiation).

For information about sponsorship packages, please send an email to Fashion Awards Australia Director, Heather Marcus. 

Your support will ensure that Fashion Awards Australia will continue to grow and provide self-esteem, educational and career opportunities in the modelling and fashion industry for our youth and designers.

Finally, we would be willing to enter into a long-term relationship that would continue to evolve and deliver win-win benefits to both parties.