Dancing to Raise $100,000 for Mental Health.

Mental Health and Youth Suicide is a difficult subject confronting all communities and it is time we acted and did something about it.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among Victorians between 15 and 24 years of age.

The social disruption and trauma to family, friends and the community is of increasing concern for us all. The loss of people to the scourge of suicide is an existential trauma wound for the entire community.

At least six people are drastically affected by a single suidcide and may never recover. Mental Health and suicide are complex problems, and rates of suicide are affected by many social, cultural, as well as individual factors, in the face of which young people feel quite helpless.

Responsibility for preventing suicide cannot rest on individuals, families and friends alone. It will require a combined and intense community effort to address its terrible toll and the damage it causes within our community.

We are happy to advise that Fashion Awards Australia, Wyndham TV and Mental Health Foundation Australia have joined together to organize this year’s exciting Werribee Mazda Dance Stars on the Floor.

Special thanks also to these generous sponsors

This Year's Amazing Contestants

This year's team is raising money for mental health and youth suicide prevention.

JAMES - Funds raised so far: $425.00

MIA - Funds raised so far: $2405.00

LEIGHTON - Funds raised so far: $1815.00

MARIE: Funds raised so far: $3535.00

YOGITA : Funds raised so far: $8802.00

JULIAN : Funds raised so far: $425.00

JOY : Funds raised so far: $1770.00

RAJ - Funds raised so far: $8752.00